The Association of Governance, Risk and Compliance (AGRC)

AGRC (formerly IGCA) is a non-profit global professional accreditation and certification organisation and networking platform. AGRC aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences among Compliance, Risk and Governance professionals (GRC) with the goal of growing its community to ensure multi-jurisdictional regulatory compliance in the financial services and exchange values, experiences, expertise & professional opportunities.
AGRC provides professional qualifications in Compliance, AML, KYC/CDD, Sanctions Compliance, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, and ESG to professionals in the GRC world. It also offers introductory courses in GRC topics for recent graduates and individuals looking to switch careers or refresh their industry knowledge.
As a network, AGRC organizes conferences, webinars, regional chapters and meetings, and other events that bring together GRC professionals to discuss pertinent issues and build professional relationships. Likewise, AGRC develops content via its blog, email campaigns, interview series, newsletters, biannual journal, and other resources to keep its member up to date on what is transpiring in the GRC world.